The full moon is believed to be a strong force of power that amplifies cleansing & creative energy. It is a time for stepping out of what you have outgrown and into what you are about to create. This is a great time for artists & creators of all kinds. Here is a quick & simple ritual that you can do to take advantage of this energy.

A Full Moon Ritual

What you need: pen, paper/journal, matches, candle, sage


  1. Clear your energy/space. Burn some sage in your house/room and practice a short mindfulness meditation to bring your attention fully into the present.
  2. Set your intention. Take a few minutes to centre yourself and begin to write in your journal/on a piece of paper what you wish to release from your life, what limiting beliefs you want to be free from, what no longer serves you or what you want to let go of. Follow this with writing down what you now wish to create in your life as a result of letting these things go.
  3. Consecrate your intention. When you have finished your list, light a candle holding the intentions clear in your mind. You may also read them aloud if you wish.
  4. Forget about your list! Now that you have completed your ritual, forget about your list, knowing that you have planted your seeds. Do go forward implementing the work required to make your intentions manifest, but do not hold on excessively to what you have written down. Believe that you will make it happen and execute your consistency with that belief.

The full moon encourages you to take action. Act on your creative impulses & desires by bringing it into life. Get creating in one of our lovely studios.

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