Did you know that at The Academy we host hen parties too?! Here is a little insight from Freedom Ltd…

“With such a wide range of themes available to choose from, dance classes are proving to be another big hit this year. There really is a theme to suit all tastes. The classes are light-hearted and the ladies can reproduce their routines in a nightclub later, or even better, at the wedding reception.

We asked Mike Wood, MD of Freedom, the longest established hen party planners, what dance themes consistently proved popular with their customers and why. He told us:

Burlesque – Being raunchy with feather boas, letting go of your inhibitions and having a laugh all appeal to our hens.

Bollywood – A vibrant mix of colours and energy that will have hens patting the dog and screwing the light bulb. They love being transformed into Bollywood princesses.

Pole Dancing There may be new babes on the block, but pole dancing is still leading the way. It’s the opportunity to release the inner sex siren that seems to appeal.

Flamenco – Feeling the beating heart of Spanish culture, always interests our hens heading out to Spain.

Flash Mob – All may have gone a little quiet, several eager faces are checking for the signal, the opening bars begin AND off you go, Flash Mob dance strikes another winning surprise.

Movie Music – Our hens are encouraged by the dancing highlights of huge shows like Dirty Dancing, Grease and Chicago.

Salsa – It was no surprise that bookings increase about the time of the airing of Strictly.

Spice Girls – Oh yes girl power never fails to dynamize our hens!

Belly Dancing – Time to swing your hips and roll your body and embrace the curves that Mother Nature gave you.

90’s – Our hens love a trip down memory lane and with so many bars and clubs playing hits from the past, these classes are always a winner.”

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