In April of this year I had the pleasure of battling in Asia for the first time. Though not my first time in Asia itself, it was my first visit to Taiwan and it exceeded my expectations. Here is what went down…

The main reason for my trip was to attend the event Supernova, sponsored by Hornet and organised by Akuma Diva of the House Of Xtravaganza. I spent a week between the cities of Taipei & Taichung participating in the activities of the event. The event ran over 8 days encompassing workshops, battles & one hell of a party. It was a week of non-stop moving my body and very very little sleep!

I travel often and many times for dance events. In the past few years of my experiences, Supernova has been one of the highlights. It was one of the best dance events I have attended globally. The lineup of judges & special guests ranged from all over Europe, The US & Asia, including many OG’s and pioneers of the styles of Waacking & Vogue.

One thing I noticed in particular was the artistic level of the showcases that were interspersed between the categories on the battle day. The range of diversity and level of artistry was so enjoyable & inspiring. Two performances significantly stood out to me. Princess Lockerooo‘s Waacking & Lip Sync performances were phenomenal from stage presence to costumes to musicality to character. She was a true epitome of a theatrical artist. One of the highlights of the entire event was Amin Alifin (AKA Sir Waackalot)’s judge’s showcase. This was a beautiful showcase that incorporated singing, Waacking, drag performance and aerial as well as expressing a deeper message throughout the piece. This guy is such a talented artist. It was so inspiring & refreshing to see Waacking being shown in so many different, unique lights. In my opinion this hinted at the evolution I feel Waacking is currently experiencing.

There was a huge sense of community within the Taiwanese dance scene which was apparent from day one. The sheer numbers of people that showed up to this event to enter, watch or support was so lovely to see. The Waacking category alone saw so many dancers entering.

The main day of the event, the battle day, began at 12pm and ended at 5am the next morning. When people can battle & party for 17 hours straight until the club kicks you out, you know it’s been a successful event! I entered two categories, Waacking & Sex Siren, and had the most fun I’d ever had at a battle. I qualified to the top 32 Waackers in which the prelims felt like one big massive party, full of heat, sweat & beautiful exchanges with people. With some impromptu help of a champagne bathtub, I went on to win Female Figure Sex Siren & Open To All Sex Siren…let’s just say, you had to be there! If there is anything I learned about the Supernova event, it’s that it loves to throw little surprises in the mix!

From the impressive venue to the fantastic trophies & prizes to the categories, music, showcases and lineup, Supernova was an absolute dream! Definitely an experience I recommend. You will be challenged and you will grow as a dancer.

After the event I had some brief time to enjoy Taiwan. The one thing I took away from this country was how warm & welcoming it’s people are. I made friends for life that immediately extended my international dance family. Some of my favourite moments were exploring the city, walking through night markets and eating amazing food with amazing people.

My heart was full at the end of this trip. Thank you dance family & thank you Taiwan. You have not seen the last of me!

– Jessica Razia Kenny (Lady Perez)

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