Have you ever experienced performance anxiety? Or do you struggle with any physical pain when playing, or experience any problems such as RSI, tendinitis or Carpel Tunnel syndrome? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Nick’s Performance Coaching can help you to overcome some of these problems and to fulfil more of your potential.

As musicians (and also for performers in other disciplines), through countless hours spent honing our craft playing an instrument becomes second nature to us, like speaking our native language or learning how to walk. In effect the neural pathways get stronger with repetition until we know how to play at a level where we no longer need to think about it. 

In the same way that we can create these patterns that are useful to us, for many of us we have some other patterns that are not so useful. These may have formed during our musical education or experience as a professional musician or even prior to both of these. 

To have some nerves before a performance is normal and a natural response to have, maybe even useful to an extent, but if those nerves become too much that they are having a negative affect then ofcourse it’s no longer useful. The same goes for physical conditions that hinder our ability to play. In both cases even though we know how to play our instrument, we are getting in the way of ourselves for some reason.

Nick’s performance coaching helps you to change any unhealthy beliefs that may have accumulated thereby helping you to change your current outlook and subsequently your actions/behaviour, ie. playing your instrument fearlessly, with more freedom and ease! 

These techniques can work directly with helping you to change the patterns associated with various conditions that can get in the way of your playing. As a result you increase your confidence and trust in your self to play with more conviction, to let go and enjoy more. 

This method has been developed through 10s of thousands of hours, practicing, studying and teaching meditation all over the world, as well as training and working with various therapy techniques such as the mind detox method, eft and emotional connection.

It works on the principle of the mind and body being connected. By identifying the unconscious cause of the unhealthy habit or pattern and then resolving the issue by changing the beliefs created around it, your current mental, physical and emotional health can improve. 

Find out more about Nick and contact him here.

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