Spring is the best time to cleanse your body, mind & soul and clear the way to let new, creative energy into your life! Here we’ve made a list of our top 8 spring tips to clear away the old and ignite some fresh creative energy!

1. Spring Clean – Marie Kondo anyone?! You’d be surprised how much your environment affects your inner space. Clear out your home and you’ll more easily be able to access all that blocked creativity inside you!

2. Meditation – Spring is the perfect time to begin a mentally beneficial practice such as meditation. You’ll quickly notice the effects of only 10 minutes per day.

3. Simplify – Work smarter, not harder. Learn how to maximise the efficiency of your work time so you are more productive in a shorter amount of time. You’ll soon find so much of your day freed up to use as you wish.

4. Retreat – Take yourself on a personal retreat! Even if it’s just a day trip somewhere you enjoy. Your soul will thank you afterwards!

5. Become at one with nature – Spring is the prime time to watch flowers bloom. Get outside and take a look around you. You’ll find more inspiration than you might have imagined!

6. New Beginnings – Spring is also a great time to start something new. It is the season of rebirth and renewal after all. Get started on that project you’ve always been thinking about or that thing you’ve been putting off. You’ll be glad you did!

7. New Habits – Speaking of new beginnings, why not start a new habit that will enrich your life and wellbeing? Choose something that you will enjoy doing – meditating, journalling, reading and just about anything that gives you joy are all good choices!

8. Intention Setting – Our favourite! Once you’ve cleared out all that old dust, sit with yourself and write down what your intentions are for this season. It’s the best time to get clear on what it is you want from life and declare it to the universe! Putting pen to paper makes these intentions much easier to achieve and is a form of making a commitment to yourself. 


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