Choose the right material

95% of rocking an audition is choosing the right material to show your skills. It’s important to pick songs or monologues that are 1) appropriate for you in terms of age, accent, vocal range, and casting type, and 2) appropriate for the play or musical you’re auditioning for in terms of genre, style, and character. BUT – it’s even more important to pick pieces that you connect to and genuinely enjoy performing! Always play to your strengths, and pick audition pieces that show the best work you can do right now.

Do your homework

We firmly believe that there is no such thing as over-rehearsing! Once you’ve found the perfect audition pieces, make sure you know them inside and out. You should be able to perform them on two hours of sleep, when someone is shouting in your ear, when you’ve got the flu – you never know what distractions the audition day will bring!

It’s also important to understand your song or monologue in the context of the show it’s from. Read the entire script or libretto, or listen to the entire cast recording, so you understand where the piece exists within the show and what the character’s journey is. This helps you to incorporate subtext and super objectives, resulting in a more layered performance.

Don’t skip your warmup

Whether you like to do a full vocal and physical workout, listen to music and dance around your bedroom, or just take a half hour to stretch and do yoga, make sure you give yourself the space and time to do whatever preparation you need to perform at your absolute best.

Discovering your ideal warmup may involve a lengthy process of trial and error, so if you’re not sure where to start, just take time to connect with your body, breath, and voice – even some light stretching, mindful breathing, and a few humming and articulation exercises can make a huge difference.

Remember to have fun!

Don’t forget that an audition is first and foremost a chance to do what you love. Whatever the result, you have an opportunity to perform a song or monologue that you feel passionate about and have worked hard to prepare – and as a working performer, those opportunities can be few and far between. It is also an opportunity to meet new people and learn something new about yourself, so make the most of it!

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