“I draw like other people bite their nails.” Pablo Picasso

At Academy Mews we love coming up with new and interesting ways to help fuel your creativity and expression. After a hugely successful Drag Life Drawing, we realised how much fun drawing is when the pressure is off, and wanted to do MORE of this good stuff!

Dovetailing with our love of all things dance, Life Drawing Movement is a wonderful combinations of movement and two dimensional art creation.

“Drawing is not what one sees but what one can make others see.” Edgar Degas

It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet (you’ll be sat down), and it doesn’t matter if the best you can muster in terms of art is a stick man (In fact, that might be an advantage). The point is to have the safe space to really experiment and things (and draw) outside of the box- you’re literally drawing someone dancing!

Worst case scenario: You come, laugh a lot, attempt the tasks, leave with something to sit next to the other ‘art’ done by the kids that lives on the fridge, and carry on living your life as normal.

Best case scenario: You come, laugh a lot, realise you are in fact the artistic genius you always secretly suspected you are. You post your creations on social media with a self deprecating comment and are inundated by requests for commissions. Within 12 months you are holding your first exhibition at the Tate Modern and have bought outright a 5 storey townhouse in Chelsea. Banksy is on the record as being a big fan of yours, and you never have to use the tube during rush hour ever again. (Your kids still roll their eyes when you say you’re an artist, though.)

Break open your pencil cases, put away your creative anxieties, and prepare to get weird and wonderful! This is life drawing re-thought. Textural, visceral, ridiculous, engaging, and the gateway to your new creative self? Heck yeah! 

“Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.” – Erol Ozan

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