If you’ve missed the conversation being had globally you might want to go and google the name ‘George Lloyd’. Also, while you’re there, google, ‘black lives matter’, ‘windrush generation’, ‘intersectional feminism’, and ‘structural racism.’ Don’t worry, this blog will be here waiting for you when you’re done.
As a business that celebrates a diverse range of members be they teachers or students, we cannot stand by and deny that structural racism exists in the UK.
And while we’re reading books, learning to listen, learning to amplify Black voices and voices of Colour, it’s not enough to do just that.
We’ve found this website, called Write To Them. It is an independent website with no affiliation to any government, national or local, and it covers the whole of the UK. Use it to write to any of your representatives, from your councillors to your MPs. It’s free! So tell them- how you’re outraged at how the Windrush scandal is still a scandal, how you want more black history taught in schools, how ridiculous it is that a minister heading up a racism committee denies that structural racism exists…. Really go for it. We have a unique window of time with Covid keeping us at home. Use it to help improve someone’s quality of life.

Written by Sarah Spenser

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