Regardless of where you think we are in the curve, or if a second spike is coming, we can all agree that group classes won’t be back for a while yet.

That doesn’t mean you have to go without your dance learning fix, and by seeking out private lessons you get an extremely high quality and personally tailored learning experience, which is far more useful than a lot of pre-recorded instructional videos.

Whether it’s a tweak to your posture, clarity on your rhythm or insight into weight changes, private lessons really are worth their weight in gold. An added feel-good bonus is that you’re also helping support the arts sector which has been frankly decimated by the pandemic.The question is- how the hell can i learn something so physical without being in the presence of another human?!

You have a few choices.

1) An online private class. This requires a space for dancing (kitchen or otherwise), with internet (or data if you’re outside), and you are video calling with your chosen teacher. This is really the best option as everything is tailored to you, your needs, and your learning journey- you’ll get plenty of material to work on!

2) Video feedback. This involves you sending your chosen teacher footage of you dancing for them to give you feedback on. Make sure it’s clearly filmed, and by that I mean, have the speaker close to the device you’re filming on so your teacher can see you hitting the beat, and have it framed so that your head and feet are visible at all times.

3) Pre-recorded instructional videos. This will still require you to have space to follow along but you can do it at any time! Some teachers have a wealth of material you can access for a small charge, be it a Patreon subscription or a one off payment.

Regardless of your choice: Do some sort of warm up before you have your class so your body is ready to go. 

If learning online is something you can’t genuinely can’t wrap your brain around, then reach out to local teachers. Provided you are both comfortable with arranging it and what is required, you might (MIGHT) be able to arrange a responsibly distanced private. 

We have spaces for such lessons at Academy Mews, but also remember that your teacher may prefer being outside just to make it feel a bit safer. Different people will have different levels of adherence to the various Covid protocols out there so please be respectful and honest about the people you have been in contact with when discussing your options.


Written by Sarah Spenser


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