COVID 19 HEALTH & SAFETY STUDIO GUIDELINES - Applicable only during government announced restrictions

Based on the government’s advise and guidelines, the academy have made some changes so we can all continue to operate and ensure everyone feels safe at studios, including:

– Reduced studio capacity to increase space between visitors based on World Health Organisation guidelines and adhere to 2 metre distancing

– Increased sanitising of surfaces in communal areas such as floors, door handles, toilet, sink areas.

– Sanitising of all studio floors regularly and providing disinfectant wipes for clients to use before and after use of studios.

– Increased number of fans for ventilation, please use them accordingly and keep windows open at all times

– Staggered Entry for large groups only if the space has been reset.

Please follow the instructions on hygiene and social distancing as displayed around the building to keep yourself and everyone safe. By attending a booking at AMDS you agree to abide by these rules.




  • Use hand sanitiser upon arrival, and regularly throughout your time with us.  Ideally bring your own to reduce contact with our dispensers, but we do have them located on the ground floor by the entrance, as well as reception and on the 2nd floor.
  • Everyone must wear face masks and gloves when entering the building, and when in common areas at all times. Don’t touch your face or mask while wearing it. Change your mask if it gets damp or you’ve touched it.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser before putting your mask on.  
  • After drying your hands throw the towel in the clearly designated bin.
  • NO FOOD AND DRINK IN STUDIOS – only bottled water, which is not to be shared.
  • There are no tea or coffee making facilities or regular/communal seating available.
  • To maintain 2 metres distance, please adhere to the floor marking at reception and other parts of the building,, if there’s a flow of people coming down the stairs, please use the waiting area in the ground floor before going upstairs.
  • The lounge/communal seating area is only to be used for staggered entry and as an exit buffer to minimise proximity with people. If there are more than 2 people in the lounge please wait outside at an appropriate distance.
  • Arrive at your allocated time and not before. Early arrivals will be required to wait outside.


  • We operate with back to back bookings, so it is essential for clients to start and finish their booking on time to avoid overlaps. Please note if your booking runs over 5min, you will be charged for the 15min slot. If it overruns by 10min, you will be charged the overstay penalty fee which is £60.

  • Before starting your booking please take one disposable wipe from at reception to wipe surfaces before using the studios for your peace of mind.

  • Keep windows and fans on during your session to circulate the air flow.
  • There are cleaning products provided in each studio- please use them on all surfaces you touch- including sound systems, ballet barres, pianos and floor. This is to help protect our staff. Please throw away the disposable towels in the marked Covid19 bins.

  • Please do not touch the studio mirrors and limit your touch to surfaces such as piano and sound systems. We encourage using Bluetooth to play music from the sound system or bringing your own portable sound system speaker if you wish to..

  • Do not use the studio’s pianos, floor lamps, ballet barres or chairs if it’s not been marked for use at the time of your booking. This is in your booking confirmation email.

  • Keep 2 metres distance, using studio floor markings.

  • If the maximum studio capacity has been breached, or if any one in the booking has Covid 19 symptoms you will be asked to leave and no refund is eligible.

  • Cover your mouth with a tissue to cough or sneeze, and throw used tissues in the Covid 19 bins. Use hand sanitiser immediately afterwards.

  • With our yoga mats, we strongly suggest visitors bring their own. If you decide to use our mats you confirm you understand you are doing so at your own risk in light of Covid-19. It is also your responsibility to clean the mat before and after use if you have not witnessed staff cleaning it.

  • Whilst in the studios and anywhere in the building please not share equipment such as paper, pens, tripods, or musical instruments 

  • For members with block bookings of consecutive sessions; It is the responsibility of the tutor teaching the session to allow adequate time for participants to vacate the studio, and wipe any areas that may have been touched using the provided cleaning materials.


At the end of your session, please wipe down any areas, objects that you have touched with your hands, disposable wipes are available at reception.


As a booker and visitor to our studios, you agree to take full responsibility for your personal health, hygiene and assuring the safety of others in attendance, including high risk participants.

We strongly advise that those deemed as high risk to avoid attending the studios.

Attending is at your own risk and all visitors must wear masks and gloves at all times in communal areas, and wipe surfaces in the studios using the products provided, as described above.

Our staff will be in charge of maintaining cleanliness around the communal areas. We are cleaning the studios between each use but also ask you to help protect our staff as well by wiping surfaces before and after studio use.



Staff, visitors and clients who are unwell with following symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19) should not attend the studios. If you have any of the following symptoms DO NOT enter the building.

Please note that we have the right to refuse entry to anyone using/booked to use the studios if you have Covid19 symptoms, and no refunds will be eligible. 

  • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)

  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you’ve noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

To protect others, do not go to places like a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital if you have any of these symptoms. Stay at home and self isolate for 14 days.

If you have symptoms and have a booking with us, please contact the academy as soon as possible.

If you have recently travelled or come back abroad, please self isolate for 14 days before attending the studios.

For any questions or concerns please email or call 0207 388 9090.



We are all learning as we go. Our pledge is to work with you to talk through all the issues and concerns to provide a safe working environment for all our people.  We are continuously reviewing our procedures and will do everything we can to accommodate and meet your own requirements.


Official UK Government advice

Visit the following links for official UK government advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Coronavirus (COVID-19): UK government response:

Stay at home: guidance for people with confirmed or possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection:

Overview – -Coronavirus (COVID-19):



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