Creative Courtyard is a free artist-led networking event and creative gym at Academy Studios. This is different from other networking events you may have attended before, a more participatory model where artists take centre stage. 

With Creative Courtyard, we aim to create a peer exchange group of collectives, individuals, small companies and creative start-ups in the arts industry to connect through collaborative activities, including open discussions and creative challenges. We would also like this group to influence and inspire the direction we take as an artist-led organisation. The format changes every time so stay tuned for information about the next event.

This time, artists will have the chance to present work-in-progress and receive feedback. This scratch night-like event is designed as a laboratory for artists to try out new ideas in front of an audience. We will announce the line up on social media.

The next event is scheduled for:


You can join for free by signing up below but places are limited. Once you have registered, you will receive an email closer to the time with all the information. 

If you have any questions or would like to perform in the event, get in touch at

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