Dive In and awaken your inner Goddess

A Goddess Circle is where women come together in sacred union to share in Divine download, healing and spiritual experience in a safe and guided environment.

Led by Priestess of Light, Harriette Hale, this Goddess Circle workshop, hosted in London at our studios, is a gift to all women who desire an hour of peace, tranquility, reflection, collective healing, elevated consciousness, and a moment in time to simply be.

A nourishing experience for mind, body, and soul.

You are invited in your wholeness and humility to reconnect to the most powerful and nurturing Goddess known to man… Gaia. Mother Earth. The Crystal Core.

Please note this even is for women only. Women of all ages. You will be invited to meditate, sleep, relax, in a cosy and comfortable environment as the healing energies are channelled by the matriarch.

​​​​​​​Ladies only sacred spiritual healing workshop.


From £40 per person


To enquire and book your slot, complete the form below.

2 + 12 =

Please note for all activities, in order to secure the booking there is £50 non refundable deposit to be paid via card or bank transfer.

The remainder is to be paid 2 weeks before the event bookings.

What’s included:

– 90min Goddess session

– Meditation

– Venue hire

– Professional Goddess practioner


Want to capture those memorable moments to look back on and show off to your grandchildren how much of a goddess you were (and probably still are to be fair).

We offer a special service for only an extra £40, a professional photographer AND  videographer, YES THAT’S RIGHT! They will record and capture your moments unto celluloid …

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