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Please read the Mews Parties Terms and Conditions carefully prior to booking party activities. Mews Studios cannot afterwards be held responsible for any errors caused by failure to read or understand them in full. The terms and conditions will differ slightly for each different type of event. Please ensure that you have read the relevant section relating to the activity you are undertaking. 



The minimum number for an activity booking is 8 people (smaller groups will be charged at the same rate as 8 people). A £50 non refundable deposit is required to secure all bookings. The preferred date and time will not be booked until a deposit payment has been received. Outstanding balance, confirmation of activities details and number of participants are required 14 days prior to the event. Once final activity details have been confirmed and the full balance paid, the balance is non-refundable. 

For activities booked 14 days before preferred date and time, full payment is required.

Mews Studios accept payments via card and/ or bank transfer.


If you require to add additional people to the party, please give us 24hrs notice via email, so we can confirm if the studio is at capacity or not. If there are spaces left, then full payment per additional participant is required before the whole party can enter the studio.


All session times include changing, filling out an activity disclaimer, warm up and cool down. Any medical conditions/pregnancy should be addressed before any event or class due to the physical nature of this exercise. Participants take part at their own risk and everyone is required to sign a disclaimer. It is the group’s responsibility to arrive for their activity on time as the finishing time cannot be extended.


All participants must all be over 18, any under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.



The following cancellation policies apply 

-1 month’s notice 100% refund minus the £50 deposit.

– 2 weeks notice 50% refund minus the £50 deposit


We can reschedule the date once only with 24 hours notice, under 24hrs no rescheduling.

If by any unforeseen circumstances we have to cancel your booking, we will offer to reschedule your booking to an alternative date that will suit your needs, however if an alternative date is not possible and/ or suitable, we will issue you a full refund or a credit note.



  1. No food and drink (non alcoholic or alcoholic) are allowed in any of the studios, only bottled water. 

 The Booker and Participants agree not to bring dangerous or hazardous items in to the Studio and/ or premises and remove any items promptly when requested by Operators. 

  1. After the Booking Period the Booker and/ or Participants must leave the premises in a clean and orderly state. If the premises are not left in such a state, the Company reserves the right to charge £100 for cleaning.
  2. By entering a contract with Mews Studios the Booker agrees to comply with the studio policies that forbid all discrimination on grounds of race, gender, religion or disability. Participants found to be in breach of this clause shall have their booking cancelled immediately and will be asked to leave the premises.
  3. The use of candles, incense, and/or open flames of any kind inside the building and studios is strictly prohibited. Even if the candle is being used for fragrance only and the wick is not burned, it is prohibited. Battery operated wax scented candle products are permitted.



As part of the extra video/ photo service, all participants agree to allow us to use images and footage royalty free for marketing purposes such as flyers, website and social media.



Mews Studios take all reasonable steps to ensure a safe experience and environment for all participants and holds appropriate public liability insurance. All activities are undertaken at the participants’ own risk and Mews Studios cannot be responsible for claims of injury, damage or loss. Participants should ensure they have adequate insurance to cover any activity they undertake.



Mews Studios may terminate this Agreement immediately if the Clients are found to be in breach of contract. Mews Studios may terminate this Agreement by giving 24 hours notice. 

 Booker may terminate this Agreement at any time but forfeit any deposit or booking payments made in   accordance with the relevant activity cancellation policies as set out in this Agreement. 


This Agreement sets out all of the terms between Mews Studios and the Booker/ Participants. This contract shall be governed in accordance with the laws of England and English courts shall have jurisdiction in relation to the Agreement.



The Booker hereby agrees and undertakes to the Company that it shall indemnify the Company against any injury loss, damage costs and/or expenses suffered by the Company arising from: 

  1. the Booker’s cancellation of the Booking including without limitation any reasonable costs or expenses incurred by the Company in connection with the Booking 
  2. the Booker’s breach of any of the warranties undertakings or agreements on its part to be observed or performed by the terms of this Agreement.
  3. Mews Studios takes no responsibility for Booker or Participant’s belongings and any items left at the studios or around the building which result in loss.



Booker, personnel and participants should not place anything in a position that obstructs access to the fire extinguishers or exits from the room. Upon discovery of a fire, users should notify reception immediately. Upon hearing a fire/smoke alarm, all music being played within a studio must immediately cease. All users should vacate the studios and assemble on Pratt Street by OZDILLER shop on 11 Pratt Street, NW1 0AE ideally using the main corridor used for entering the studios. 

In the event of an emergency evacuation, the Booker must notify Mews Studios of any Bookers of their personnel or participants who have not been accounted for.



  1. The Booker agrees to abide by the strict rules and regulations as imposed by Mews Studios in regards to Health and Safety.
  2. If, in the opinion of Mews Studios, any item brought onto the premises by the Booker and/or Booker personnel and Participants constitute a danger/risk, they may be required to remove it. Mews Studios will not accept responsibility or liability in respect of injury caused by any item brought onto the premises by the Booker, personnel and/or participants. 
  3. Nothing flammable shall be brought onto the premises without the prior consent in writing of the Mews Studios. Details must be supplied of any flammable items at the earliest opportunity and agreement must be reached at least seven days before the booking takes place. Should Mews Studios insurers levy a charge for the additional flammable item(s), that charge will be passed on to the Booker 
  4. Mews Studios has a no smoking policy in all areas. Smoking outside must take place away from the front entrance and by the corner of Pratt Mews. Smoke alarms are in place and any one found smoking will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Please see signs for fire exits and emergency evacuation procedures. 
  5. The Booker is responsible for ensuring that the Mews Studios is informed of the number of participants, to ensure that the space booked is large enough to accommodate the Booker’s Participants. Mews Studios will intervene if it is believed that the Booker intends to allow persons in excess of the room capacity into the studio. Mews Studios has the right in this instance to refuse entry to the Booker, or related guests and terminate the booking if necessary. In this situation, no refund will be issued. 
  6. Upon arrival at the Premises, the Booker becomes the nominated person for their party during the activity. If the Booker is not present at the booking, they must notify Mews Studios prior to the booking of the nominated person. 
  7. The first aid kit and accident book is kept at reception. Should a Booker and/or Booker’s participant/ personnel, in your booking sustain an injury, Office Manager / reception staff are emergency first aid trained but please note they can only assist you on site and will not be able to leave the premises.
  8. The Booker is responsible for providing adequate supervision of children and other vulnerable people at all times whilst on the premises. The Booker will ensure that no person under the age of eighteen shall be left in a studio without adult supervision at any time.


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