Life Drawing Movement – General Ticket


For all ages 18 years and over
Tickets in advance only



A fun and quirky overlap of dancing and drawing! Stick-men specialists and owners of two left feet particularly welcome!

Hands up if you’ve been meaning to try something new this year but still haven’t gotten around to it? Have you considered a dance class? How about trying your hand at a drawing class? What if we told you there’s a class where you learn elements of both?

“Drawing is not what one sees but what one can make others see.” (Edgar Degas)

This overlap between two entirely different disciplines is even more satisfying than it sounds. And possibly as crazy. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet (you’ll be sat down), and it doesn’t matter if the best you can muster in terms of art is a stick man (In fact, that might be an advantage).

Break open your pencil cases, put away your creative anxieties, and prepare to get weird and wonderful! This is life drawing re-thought. Textural, visceral, ridiculous, engaging, and the gateway to your new creative self? Heck yeah!

“Drawing is vision on paper.” Andrew Loomis

Absolute beginner artists are absolutely welcome. Established art practitioners are absolutely welcome. Join us and find the rhythm in your practise you never knew existed!
Dance/movement newbies, and dance superstars are absolutely welcome. Learn to dance with your pencil and introduce new ideas of flow and texture to your creativity.

For all ages 18 years and over
Tickets in advance only
Please note that only dry art materials are permitted in our studios.


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