Rodolfo and Laura set up Havana Salsa 7 years ago to bring the joy and passion of Cuban Salsa into people lives. 

Rodolfo and Laura are trained dancers and teachers, born and bred in Havana Cuba. They attended the national school of Cuban dance, where they learnt their trade. Having come to the UK 7 years ago, they wanted to bring that little bit of Cuba with them to the UK.

To encourage everybody from all walks of life to participate in this beautiful, social dance that is Cuban Salsa.

We provide classes for all levels from pure beginners to advanced. All our courses are based on an 8 week teaching structure, every week recalling and adding new material, helping you to progress at a good speed whilst also actually learning to dance.

All courses will go through:

– Footwork

– Spins / Turns

– Partner work 

– Lead and Follow instructions

– Musicality 

We hope to see you at a class soon.


£10 per class (£7 for an extra class taken on the same night)

£37.99 for 4 lessons block

£74 for 8 lessons block


Classes at Academy Mews

Dance Studios:

Sundays 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Cuban Salsa Beginners and Improvers

Sundays 8.40pm – 9.40pm

Ladies and Men Cuban Salsa Styling



Contact Rodolfo Roque directly on 07411 127466

Or email info@havana-salsa.co.uk

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