Hello guys. I’m so very sorry but due to the current circumstances, I’m cancelling BoombaWorkout classes until further notice. Apologies to all of you.
Sachi Loggia.
Dancing instructor at BoombaWorkout.


BoombaWorkout is a dance and  choreography  based class to music followed by LBT (legs, bums and tums) exercises. We finish with a stretching session and an amazing 3 minutes floor relaxation. 
It is a 45 minutes class. 
You will workout without realising. 
You’ll have the best time!


When we dance, we are free is our ethos. 
Warm up and cool down segments are included in the choreography.
Put on your dancing shoes and feel BOOMBASTIC!
Our price is £6.50 pay as you go at beginning of each class. Cards accepted. 
We have loyalty cards, after 5 consecutive attendance classes, you’ll get a free class. 

Classes at Academy Mews

Dance Studios:

Tuesdays 9pm – 10pm


All levels welcome



Contact Sachi directly to book in advance on 07940653968 or email  

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