About the class:
Fight the Monday blues and start your week off dancing! Salsa Caleña is a style of salsa from Cali, Colombia that is growing in popularity internationally. The New Salsa Caleña beginners course will be starting on the 9th of January and the cost is £35.  

These classes will involve footwork, styling and technique, with a dash of fusion from other salsa styles.

Each class will start with a technical warm up, we will then look at perfecting steps, understanding their roots and the techniques needed to execute them, looking at how we can use Salsa Caleña both in social dancing and in choreography.

For those interested there will be the opportunity to work on performance styles. There will also be monthly group socials!

About me:

Hello! I’m Arianna.

I’m a London born Italian, that was raised in Colombian parties, watching my mum and all her friends dancing the night away, pleading the adults to dance with me too – I have been dancing salsa ever since.

Over the last few years, I have been back and forth from Cali, Colombia, dedicating myself to teaching, dancing and training, eventually qualifying as a teacher and choreographer in Salsa Caleña.

Salsa for me has been a healer and an act of self love. I aim to create a fun, safe and loving space for all those who attend my classes, where each person feels they are on their own personal journey at a pace that works for them, whilst also being part of a family.

Private classes & workshops are available on request!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like to book onto the class.




Classes at Academy Mews

Dance Studios:

Mondays 7.30pm -9.00pm

 £14 per class / £50 for 4 sessions


Contact Arianna directly on 07548247729

Or email

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