This is a class where we will be exploring our bodies’ possibilities and our sensuality through heel choreography. I designed them as blocks of three sessions to be able to work several times on the same choreography and really polish it, and in the last session spend time performing it – and filming it. 
                                                                                                                              I also really wanted it to be a regular group so we all get to know each other and create a relaxed and focus environment to progress. 
Each class is made of a warm up, a tech part and a choreography part – except for tech classes or special workshops sets. 


WHO AM I?                                                                                                          I am Mélanie, I am French and I moved to London five and a half years ago to study anthropology at UCL. I started dancing when I was little in the basement of my house, imitating Beyonce in front of my computer.                                                                                                            
When I arrived to London I completely fell in love with couple dancing, quickly making it a daily practice. I have learnt salsa, bachata, kizomba and Brazilian zouk and I now teach Brazilian zouk professionally.
I also quickly started dancing choreography and learn other techniques in dance studios.  I love understanding movement in detail, which is probably why I loved ballet as soon as I started and I also trained with the House of Jazz company to strengthen my technique. 
Heels was always an evidence because I deeply enjoy the sensuality of latin dances and I was already dancing in them in latin. I am really attached to the French way of dancing in heels: slow and sensual, classy and elegant. 
My biggest inspirations are Nadine Timas, the Crazy Horse and Kizomba. You can find them in a lot of my movements.

Classes at Academy Mews

Dance Studios:

Small Classes (>10 dancers, 1.5h)

£60 for a block of three sessions

£25 for an individual session

Privates (1.5h)

1 dancer: £90

Group 2/3: £70 per person

Group 4/7: £50 per person


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