Dancehall Vybez is a beginner/general level class that fuses dancehall foundation movements with Mamacita’s street dance roots and artistry to develop choreography for specific projects and performances. Classes are fun, a great way to stay fit whilst learning some new moves and participation in the projects/performances is optional but encouraged as it’s a great confidence builder!

Upcoming projects will include a site specific piece for film, dancehall heels and a guest spot in the annual Give Into Dance showcase!

Come and be part of the FUN!!!

Mamacita – Pachelle Wallace is a professional choreographer/dance teacher who has had many successes in her career including receiving awards for dance troupes Platinum and Psychotic Dance Company. Pachelle has directed and choreographed her own theatrical production Rhythm, Life and Roots, choreographed music videos for aspiring artists (girl group Fe-nix), performed with a UK salsa Champion in his theatrical production that fused latin and hip hop and has been a long time guest teacher for North London based dance company Give Into Dance.

£7.50 as introductory offer and for those interested or wishing to book a space, will need to email

Classes at Academy Mews

Dance Studios:

Saturdays from 19th Sept 2020 1.30pm – 2.30pm

£7.50 per session


Contact Pachelle directly via email

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