About Foundation Salsa Course:

Become the dancer you always wanted to be with The Mambo System:


The Mambolifestyle Course is the most important class you can take in your dance career. This course focuses on breaking down all the elements of Mambo with a systematic approach to leave you with a deeper command of the dance. The syllabus is Eddie Torres based 

Level: Intermediate (Beginners who like a challenge are welcome!)

You will Learn the 7 Pillars of Mambo through the 5 Elements of Mambolifestyle :

SPIRIT Musicality 

3 On 2 timings and musicality

5 different basic steps ( be able to follow any dancer or learn from any teacher!) and their application to shines and partner work

FREEDOM Body Movement 

Contrabody Movement or Cuban Motion and its application to the basic steps shines and partner work

Body movement to music interpretation and 25 different qualities of movements or 

STYLE Styling

Styling techniques for shines and partner work

JAM Shines

Over 50 different shines to 25 different rhythms and 5 different instrument

TORNADO Spinning

Spinning technique to improve your spinning and apply to any spinning technique

UNION Partner Work

Syllabus for partner work from all 5 basic steps and 3 timings


Partner work with musicality and flavour

Classes at Academy Mews

Dance Studios:

Saturdays 4pm – 6pm

Price: £250 for three months


Contact Irene directly on 07881 952 643

Or email

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