Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training

Are you looking for a new perspective on yoga teacher training? Do you enjoy exploring other movement forms and would you like to explore your down dog with a sprinkling of somatics and flavoured with a pinch of Feldenkrais? Do you enjoy pepping it all up with a splash of functional movement?

If you sometimes wonder whether what you do is even yoga, then IYTT could be for you.

We’ll help you develop a deeper understanding of how you work with and relate to your body. We’ll also explore how to adapt that understanding to create new, healthier approaches to living and moving, both on and off the mat.

If you’re looking for an in-depth, thought provoking course, we welcome applicants with an established practice of at least 2 years, who are interested in developing an experience based approach to yoga.

Reasons to choose IYTT

With world renowned teachers Gary Carter and Peter Blackaby we believe IYTT offers one of the most comprehensive groundings in anatomy of any teacher training diploma in the UK.
Catherine Annis and Tanya Love teach asana, with Neville Cregan guiding our explorations of the philosophy, all following their own, practical and down to earth approach.

IYTT is a pioneering course, driven by the most current scientific anatomical and movement research, and we actively encourage trainees to rigorously examine current approaches to yoga teaching.

We’ll help you develop strong, confident teaching skills, and become a skilful and responsive teacher, through a consistent and mature personal practice.

Explore the place of yoga in our modern lives and show how it remains current and relevant.
Cultivate a solid understanding of the fundamental workings of the body and an appreciation of its natural intelligence.
18 STUDENTS ONLY with a high teacher ratio – gives you the personal attention you deserve for maximum learning. ⠀

“Catherine and Tanya have changed my approach to and experience of yoga, both as a practitioner and a soon-to-be qualified teacher. Their focus on correct alignment and the detail of the body’s experience of each pose has been eye opening.” Phoebe Taylor

For more info, and to apply, visit the website:

Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training at Academy Mews

Dance Studios:

September 2018 – March/April 2020


Contact Catherine directly on 07747 196 914

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