Modern Dance includes Hip-Hop, Dancehall, High Heels, Contemporary and Physical Theatre.

Hip-hop, Dancehall, and High Heels are more dynamic, stylish and active dance styles. Contemporary and Physical Theatre gives the opportunity to the students to express themselves, their fears, their emotions, their personality.

All dance styles can be mixed or they can be taught separately.

These dance styles help the students to become more confident on the stage or in front of the camera and also will help students to find their own style and technique.

The classes include warm-up which can be in different ways as sports exercises, moves on music or movement+meditation, or gymnastics, it continues with teaching the choreography and it ends with filming/battle/jam.

NewBlck will offer the chance for every student to perform in front of a professional camera. It will help them to grow confidence and to improve their acting/dancing skills.

The choreographies are available for all levels.

Classes at Academy Mews

Dance Studios:

Wednesday 5.30pm – 6.30pm

Sundays 6pm – 7pm



Telephone 07882106065



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