Ballet is an art. For some it is a science, for some, it is a sport; but above all, it is the dance of a soul! If you want to learn more about ballet and about yourself, we are here for you!
We believe that ballet is for everyone, and we will give you a warm Welcome, regardless of your experience, age or fitness level.
Our ballet classes offer a unique combination of Russian and English ballet approaches.
If you would like to develop your ballet skills, improve your posture and enjoy our professional atmosphere, please join us in class.

Our school offers a unique combination of Russian and English classical ballet approaches, giving students well rounded training.

The school welcomes students of all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced students.

Our director and head teacher, Natalia Napalkova, has more than 30 years teaching and dancing experience and is highly recommended by students, schools and dance organisations. She was trained in Russia by a former principal of the Bolshoi Ballet, Galina Balashova.

Classes at Academy Mews

Dance Studios:

For the duration of the pandemic and beyond we are offering online group classes via

Introduction to Ballet for over 50s: Saturday 10-11am  (voluntary donations only)
Beginners: Tuesday 6pm and Thursday 12pm
Intermediates: Friday 6pm and Sunday 11am
Beginner and intermediate classes are all 2 hours long and cost per class is £5
Dancing improves strength as well as increasing balance and flexibility. It improves posture as well as improving our memory.


Stay fit through our LIVE classes on

To join follow the Zoom link:

Private lessons available via zoom and in person at the Academy Mews Studios.

Private lesson (per hour) £35

Private class £25 online


Receive detailed feedback and see real progress in your technique. For details, please email 



Contact Natalia directly on 07830723473  / 07719902226

Or email 

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