SELF:I:E – Self Image Enhanced:


A workshop aimed at teaching the young woman how she ought to see herself, advocating the importance of SELF WORTH, IDENTITY, AND IMAGE

About this Event

Young Gifted Initiative is a platform founded by Bisi Akins to Inspire and Empower young people and millennial’s to reach their full potential through events, conferences and online campaigns that address varied issues that affect them.

Over the past few years we have experienced a Social Media Boom! A world where we can all be connected and view the lives/images of people all over the world. Although this has had varied positive effects on society, it has also been reported to have detrimental effects on the psychological well-being of humanity with a huge increase of mental health related issues i.e; low self esteem, suicides and depression.

After further research into this it was found that the effects social media had on young females particularly were paramount, with the recurring theme of lack of self image, self identity and self worth. An inability of knowing and understanding who they truly are due to constantly being fed the images of the ‘perfect bits’ of everyone else’s lives and aspiring to attain that level of ‘perfection’ that in-fact in not reality.

The social pressures put on young women that have always been part of our culture for many years have now become amplified by social media. Things like popularity used to be abstract, but now due to social media there’s a tangible measurement. “How many friends to you have? How many likes did your most recent post get?” This all contributes to the negative effects reported to be attributed to social media, i.e, poorer psychological well-being and increased risk of depression.

SELF:I:E – Self Image Enhanced is a project created with the aim of teaching young ladies how they ought to see themselves, advocating the importance of Self Image, Self-Worth & Self Identity. We do this by breaking down the fundamental principles of Make-Up and applying it directly to their lives. In so resulting in the reoccurring application of these principles, including self-belief and the uplifting things she says about herself, revealing her true Self Image Enhanced.

SELF:I:E – The Event will be an interactive workshop teaching young ladies these principles with a live makeup tutorial, guest speakers, live performance, refreshments and networking.

At the end of the event we aim to impact the lives of many young females and create a solid movement full of ladies who are not easily influenced by pressures faced in the current society we live in, full of self belief, know their self worth and understand their self identity.

Can’t wait to see you all there xxx 

Event at Academy Mews

Dance Studios:

Saturday 20th April  – 12pm to 4pm


Tickets from £8.06 – £11.25


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