Spice Bellydancer

About the Class:

Enjoy a new challenge that will stimulate your mind, body and brain. 
Do you want to :
Get in better shape, increase flexibility, and build muscle memory while strengthening your core and posture?
Learn the basics from me to explore your Belly Dancing journey!
Classes are fused with an upbeat energy and a positive approach. Offering a safe space for all newcomers. 
Focus: Building technique, isolations stamina and flexibility. 
No specific choreography at the moment, as it is based on building one’s technique through drills and dancing to short combinations whilst having a good time.
Discover slow and fast moves stemming from fluid to solid shapes, to fast pops, sharp-locking isolations and accents to add to your dance toolbox.
A dancer with basic Belly Dance experience can also benefit from this class as it’s always good to train in the basics. Nasha will add her own flair to her classes and lessons can also be tweaked around the students’ personal abilities with step-by-step guidance.


Class structure:
– Warm-up
– Technique drills
– Combo of sequences 
– Short yoga-based/standing cool down
Duration: 1 hour

Group fees: £10 / package of 4 or 8 classes – £36 – £70 (10% discount added)


About Nasha:
Nasha a.k.a. Spice Belly Dancer is a Malaysian-Punjabi-born Belly Dance instructor based in London, UK. She has tried several dance styles throughout her life but Raqs Sharqi a.k.a. Oriental/Belly Dance has always been the one that brought out the fire in her.
From the music, the sound of the drum and instrument as well as its gorgeous movements – it was organic. She knew it made her feel a certain type of way. Her spark and obsession continue to be revved up with her long-term relationship with Belly Dance. She has also trained in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance which she also loves to fuse with alongside her Oriental Dance background.
She absolutely loves teaching, contributing her personal style and her knowledge of Belly Dance to others. She gets the pleasure from seeing her students progress over time and fall in love with Belly Dance too.

She offers private and group Classes both online and in person around London, UK. 

Classes at Academy Mews

Dance Studios:


Contact Details:
Phone: 07583 417030

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