Fabienne is a creative practitioner and facilitator working with the moving body as a restorative practice to foster sustainable ways of living. She is also a practice-led doctoral researcher with the Visual Cultures department at Goldsmiths College where she is currently performing embodied research in the field of Mad Studies.

Her work approaches experiences of distress as ecologically entangled and explores the body, through dance movement improvisation, as an art-making and storytelling medium. In her workshops she uses slow-somatic movement and guided imagery developed from the movements of non-human animals, the elements and other objects to find ways into embodied practice as a site for listening to the inner self by tracing sensations, moving from impulse and allowing the body to speak through writing, drawing, moving and collective storytelling.

About the class:

As we move through Autumn into the depths of the Winter season, like the trees shedding their leaves, you may find yourself letting go of what no longer serves and turning your attention inward. These workshops draw inspiration from the Japanese Butoh dance form founded by Hijikata Tatsumi, and invite you to turn to your moving body, to embrace the dance into darkness of the coming months.
For it is in darkness that we dream and birth the new.


Each workshop offers guided slow somatic movement working with different themes, non-human animals and the elements, gentle ways of tracing sensations on the skin as a way of listening to the inner self and witnessing, as well as expressing emotions, through gesture. Each session closes with mark-making or creative writing and storytelling.
I strive to make all my workshops accessible so anyone with a breathing body can participate. No previous experience of dance is needed.

Classes at Academy Mews

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Multiple Dates

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