To help you get the most of your time with us for your dance rehearsal space!


Running your own dance classes and courses isn’t easy, trust us, we’ve walked a mile in those shoes (check out our Music Academy here), so we understand that a little extra help can really make a big difference! We’ve spent almost 10 years building up our classes and couses here at The Academy Building, so we’re a little bit whizzy when it comes to all that marketing juzh, and we’re not too shabby at the old cash flow forecasting either, which is why we offer all members the option to choose monthly invoicing so you don’t have to shell out unrealistic advance fees to secure your regular dance rehearsal space or studio slot! Plus our members get that little bit of extra special attention as you’ll get one of our lovely lot as your dedicated account manager to make sure everything goes swimmingly 🙂

Membership plans are available to all our dance studio users, not just those looking for dance rehearsal space in London. Our dance / rehearsal spaces are also suitable for yoga sessions, yoga classes, pilates studio hire, martial arts training studios, bellydance studio classes, pole dancing studio hire and classes, any form of coaching or training which requires a dance rehearsal space. Our dance rehearsal spaces are also great for photography, casting calls, video shoots, and anything you can think of which might require a blank canvas!


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